The Lady of Light

Background Art By: Ernie Gerzabeck

I am the Lady of Light and bearer of Nenya, ring of water; proud Noldor and only daughter of Finarfin. I was born in Valinor under the light of the two trees. I travelled to the Middle Earth with the host of Fingolfin and lived in Doriath during the First Age. There I met my love Celeborn.

We lived through the wars of the first age and second age. Through the great evils of these times. In the third age Celeborn and I became Lord and Lady of Lothlorien. We lived in the peace of those woods for many years. The War of the Ring is over and my role is complete. Nenya holds no power.

I have become estranged from my love and I am plagued with uncertainty. I was to sail to Valinor with the ring bearers but did not and dwelt by the sea in secret. I know now I must return to my beloved wood and seek the answers to my questions.

This journal is the recording of my deepest thoughts and feelings. Be kind gentle reader for I know not where this will lead us.
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